• 1. What do I need to run TerraAmazon?

    TerraAmazon needs a client-server configuration. It is required to have TerraAmazon installed and a database management system (DBMS) set up. However, different set ups are possible.

    a. For trying out TerraAmazon or for learning purposes
    If you intend to try TerraAmazon and find out what you can do with it or if you intend to learn how it works, you may have both client and server applications running in the same computer. You can use a regular desktop or a laptop running Windows XP or above. TerraAmazon has been homologated running Windows XP Professional with Intel R 2.66GHz (4 processors).

    b. For project development purposes
    If you intend to develop projects with a large amount of data set up for multi-user work inside a corporate environment, then a server is necessary, along with a client computer for each user. In this set up, client computers can be either desktops or laptops. TerraAmazon has been homologated as below.

    i. Client computers: Windows XP Professional Intel R 2.66GHz (4 processors)
    ii. Main Server can run Windows or Linux. DBMS for homologation was PostgreSQL 8.4.7/ 32-bit or PostgreSQL 8.4.8/ 64-bit and PostGIS 1.5 for PostgreSQL 8.4.
    iii. Server running Windows: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Intel Xeon 4Gb 64-bit 2.0GHz (2 processors)
    vi. Server running Linux: Mandriva Intel Xeon 4Gb 32-bit 1.6GHz (2 processors)

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