• 18. Why can´t TerraAmazon export vector layers that will result in shapefiles larger than 2Gb?

    Shapefile files have a size limitation of 2Gb for each of its component files. This is not a TerraAmazon limitation, but a characteristic of the file type. Component file´s have the following extensions: .shp, .shx, .dbf. Notice that each file is individually subject to this limitation and that the sum of the file sizes may exceed 2Gb. If a vector layer created in TerraAmazon should result in a shapefile larger than this limit once exported, it is necessary to tile it into parts of smaller size and then export each one individually or define smaller groups of data using Vectorial Themes Export or Vectorial Grouping Export and so allow the vectorial exportation.

    Created on 20/11/2013 in FAQ Terra Amazon - Site

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