TerraAmazon is a GIS tool designed to be a multi-user editor of geographic vectorial data. It engages land use and land cover classification tools as well as spatial operations between vector data. This allows transitions analysis, among other applications. TerraAmazon keeps work time records to improve management and project control. It´s functionalities are extensible through plugins, such as the already existing TerraImage DPI, TerraImage Cloud Detection and TerraPrint (plotting). TerraAmazon stores its data in a TerraLib model database.


TerraAmazon was first developed by INPE and FUNCATE in early 2005. It was initially applied to PRODES project and quickly conquered space in other projects, such as DETER and DEGRAD, among others, due to it´s multi-user characteristic. The TerraClass project also adopted the use of TerraAmazon, which resulted in speed to its routines.





TerraAmazon Copyright (c) 2005-2014 INPE


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